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Jason B. Gibbons, Ph.D.

Health Economist

Postdoctoral Fellow

Johns Hopkins University 

Bloomberg School of Public Health

Department of Health Policy & Management

Research Interests

- Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders

- Pharmaceutical Markets & Competition

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Hello! I am Jason


 I am a health economist with a methodological background in econometrics, industrial organization economics, epidemiology, and machine learning.  My research is focused on evaluating health policies and programs related to mental health and substance use disorder treatment and pharmaceutical markets and competition.  




Postdoctoral Fellow

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Department of Health Policy & Management



Health Services Organization & Policy (Economics Cognate)

University of Michigan School of Public Health

Ann Arbor, MI

Dissertation Title:

Competition, Adherence, and Racial & Ethnic Disparities in the Medication-Assisted Treatment Market for Opioid Use Disorder

Dissertation Committee:

Edward Norton, Ph.D. (Co-Chair)

Jeffrey McCullough, Ph.D. (Co-Chair)

Kara Zivin, Ph.D., MS

Zach Brown, Ph.D.


BA with Honors


University of Chicago

Chicago, IL

Researching and Writing


Publications, Working Papers, & Research in Progress


Journal Articles

2022     Jason B Gibbons, Elizabeth A Stuart, Brendan Saloner.                     “Methadone on Wheels—A New Option to Expand                           Access to Care Through Mobile Units.” JAMA Psychiatry.                 March 3, 2022. doi:10.1001/jamapsychiatry.2021.3716


2022     Jason B Gibbons, Jeffrey S McCullough, Kara Zivin, Zach Y                Brown, Edward C Norton, “The Association between                          Buprenorphine Nonadherence, Opioid Overdose, and                     Health Care Spending." JAMA Psychiatry. October 05,                     2022. doi:10.1001/jamapsychiatry.2022.3118


2022     Jason B Gibbons, Chiang-Hua Chang, Mousumi Banerjee,                Edward C Norton, Jennifer Meddings, and Julie PW                          Bynum. "Small Practice Participation and Performance in                  the Medicare Accountable Care Organizations." American                Journal of Managed Care, March 2022, 28(3):117-                              123.

2022     Jason B Gibbons, Edward C Norton, Jeffrey S McCullough,              Jill Lavigne, David O Meltzer, Virginia Fiedler, and Robert D              Gibbons. “The Association between Vitamin D                                    Supplementation and Infection with COVID-19.”                                 Nature - Scientific Reports, 12, 19397 (2022).                             

2022      Jason B Gibbons, Jennifer Meddings (Co-first Author),                      Chiang-Hua Chang, Mousumi Banerjee, Edward C                            Norton, and Julie PW Bynum. "The Impact of Nurse                          Practitioner Care and ACO Assignment on Skilled Nursing                Services and Hospital Readmissions.” Forthcoming,                          Medical Care.

2022     Jason B Gibbons, Mica Laber, and Charles Bennett.                          “Humira: The First $20 Billion Drug.” Forthcoming,                             American Journal of Managed Care.

2022     Anaeze C Offodile, Jason B Gibbons, Samantha Murrell,                  Donna Kinzer, and Joshua M Sharfstein. “A Global Equity                  Model (GEM) for the Advancement of Community Health                 and Health Equity.” National Academy of Medicine                           Perspectives. November 14, 2022.                                               

2022     Jill E Lavigne and Jason B Gibbons.[1] “Association                            between Vitamin D Supplementation and Suicide                              Attempts in a Population of United States Veterans.”                        Forthcoming, PLOS One.

2022     Loren Saulsberry, Ankur Bhargava, Sharon Zeng, Jason B                 Gibbons, Cody Brannan, Diane S. Lauderdale, and Robert               D. Gibbons. “The Social Vulnerability Metric (SVM) As A                     New Tool for Public Health.” Health Services Research.                     November 2022.


Book Chapters

2022     Brendan Saloner and Jason B Gibbons. “Access for                            Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder.” Oxford Handbook of                Opioids and Opioid Use Disorder. Forthcoming, March                     2023.


2022      Jason B Gibbons, Charles L Bennett, and Gerard                                Anderson. “Ibrutinib – Ten Years On.” Under Review at                      American Journal of Managed Care.

2022      Jason B Gibbons, Samantha J Harris, Keisha                                        Soloman, Olivia Sugarman, Carlos Hardy, Elizabeth A                        Stuart, and Brendan Saloner. “The Rising Tide of                                Overdose Deaths among Black Americans: A Review of                    the Literature.” Under Review at Lancet Psychiatry.

2022     Jill E Lavigne, Kwan Hur, Jason B Gibbons, and Wilfred R                  Pigeon, “Comparative Safety of Insomnia Medications and              Suicide Death in Veterans.” Under Review at                                      Pharmacoepidemiology & Drug Safety

2022     Atharva Bhagwat, Kadija Ferryman, and Jason B                                 Gibbons.[2] “Opioid Risk Scoring in Prescription Drug                       Monitoring Programs – Implications for Opioid Use                            Disorder Treatment and Policy.”  Under Review at Nature                 Medicine.

2022     Kiefer Ahn, Antonio Trujillo, Jason B Gibbons, Charles L                  Bennett, and Gerard Anderson. “Do Patent Litigation                       Settlements Protect Weak Patents for Drugs?” Under                       Review at International Review of Law and Economics.

2022      Keisha Solomon, Jason O’Connor, Jason B Gibbons,                         Kenneth A Feder, Evan S Cole, Austin Kilaru, Brendan                       Saloner, Elizabeth A Stuart, and Julie M Donohue.                             “Association of a quality improvement program targeting                 opioid overdose patients in the emergency department                   with subsequent initiation of treatment for opioid use                       disorder.” Revise & Resubmit at JAMA Health Forum.

[1] Senior Author

[2] Senior Author


2022     Jason B Gibbons, Wenshu Li, Matthew Eisenberg,                             Elizabeth A Stuart, and Brendan Saloner. “Can Mobile                       Methadone Expand Access to Opioid Use Disorder                           Treatment? A Simulation Study using Louisiana Medicaid                 Data.”


2022     Jason B Gibbons, Mark Meiselbach, Gerard F                                      Anderson, Joseph Ross, and Ge Bai. “Understanding                         Social Determinants of Health: A National Landscape                       Study.”

2022     Valencia Lyle, Samantha Harris, Omeid Heidari, Kate                         Boulton, Eric Hulsey, Brendan Saloner, Jason Gibbons.[3]                  “The Association between High-Threshold Opioid Use                      Disorder Treatment Practices and Buprenorphine                              Prescriber Care Termination Rates.”

2022      Anaeze C Offodile, Jason B Gibbons, Samantha Murrell,                   Donna Kinzer, and Joshua M Sharfstein. “Can Global                         Payment Models Improve Health Equity? A Review of The                 Global Equity Model.”

2021-     Jason B Gibbons, Jeffrey S McCullough, Zach Brown, Kara                Zivin, and Edward C Norton. "Health Consequence of                       Strategic Entry Delay in the Pharmaceutical Industry: The                 Effect of the Suboxone Product Hop on Adverse Opioid                   Events."

2021-      Jason B Gibbons, Jeffrey S McCullough, Zach Brown, Kara                Zivin, and Edward C Norton. "Racial and Ethnic                                  Disparities in the Medication Assisted Treatment Market                    for Opioid Use Disorder."

2021-      Yiran Wang and Jason B Gibbons.[4] "Merger Mania                         Revisited: The Effect of Generic Pharmaceutical Mergers                  on Drug Prices."


2022      Mariana Socal, Jason B Gibbons, Mike DiStefano, Jennifer               Hsu, Joseph Hydell, and Celia Proctor. “Coupon Hops –                   Do Brand Manufacturers use Coupons to Facilitate                             Product Hops?”

2022      Jason B Gibbons, Samantha J Harris, Esita Patel, Elizabeth               A Stuart, and Eric G Hulsey. A Qualitative Evaluation of                     Advances in Emergency Department Opioid Use Disorder               Care in Michigan

2022      Jason B Gibbons, Antonio Trujillo, Charles Bennett, and                   Manuel Hermosillo. “Do Pharmaceutical Manufacturer                       Coupons Strengthen Brand Loyalty?”

2022      Antonio Trujillo, Jason B Gibbons, Charles Bennett, and                    Gerard Anderson, “The Effect of Paragraph IV Litigation                   Settlements on Consumer Spending.”

2022      Lane Davis and Jason B Gibbons. “The Association                           between Individual Characteristics, Social Determinants of               Health, and Outpatient Opioid Use Disorder Treatment                    Dropout.”

[3] Senior Author

[4] Senior Author

Glass Buildings



Postdoctoral Fellow

Baltimore, MD

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg Opioid Initiative     

  • Evaluated the impact of state-level opioid policy initiatives on opioid use disorder treatment rates.  Examples of research include evaluating opioid use disorder treatment implementation in Michigan hospital emergency departments, simulating the treatment impact of expanding mobile methadone clinics in Louisiana, and estimating treatment and health outcomes following the Hospital Quality Improvement Program in Pennsylvania.


WOC Research Affiliate

Canadaigu, NY

US Department of Veterans Affairs - Center of Excellence for Suicide Research

  • Worked with Dr. JIll Lavigne on research related to the comparative effectiveness of insomnia medications and the association between suicidality and infection with COVID-19, and the potential for the use of folic acid and Vitamin D to prevent suicide attempts.  Applied for a VA grant related to our work on insomnia, which is under review.


Research Assistant

Ann Arbor, MI

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services      

  • Evaluated trends in substance use disorder treatment capacity in Michigan’s Medicaid program using Medicaid claims data.  Additional areas of research included racial and ethnic disparities in substance use disorder treatment, opportunities to expand utilization of Medication Assisted Treatments to primary care physicians, and reimbursement variation for services by setting and geography.


Research Assistant

Ann Arbor, MI

University of Michigan Institute for Health Policy & Innovation

  • Worked with Dr. Lena Chen, Dr. Edward Norton, Dr. Julie Bynum, Dr. Mousumi Banerjee, Dr. Jennifer Meddings, and Dr. Chiang-Hua Chang to study post-acute care in Affordable Care Organizations.  Additional research areas included spending variation between small vs. large practices in ACOs, hospital participation and dropout in CMS’s comprehensive joint replacement program, effects of physician mobility on patient health, and care delivery in hospitals contracting with national provider practices.


WOC Research Assistant

Ann Arbor, MI

US Department of Veterans Affairs - Ann Arbor Veterans Health Administration

  • Worked with Dr. Jeffrey McCullough, Dr. Neil Mehta, and Dr. Jeremy Sussman to study treatment heterogeneity across A1C medications for a population of US veterans.  Used random causal forests to explore variation in efficacy across patient demographics and patient health measures collected from VA EHR data .



Boston, MA

Greylock McKinnon Associates

  • Assisted PhD expert witnesses to calculate legal damages in pharmaceutical litigation relating to pharmaceutical antitrust and fraud.  The primary types of cases included Brand to Generic “pay for delay,” off-label promotion of pharmaceuticals, and Medicare/Medicaid billing fraud.  Work responsibilities included statistical analysis and economic modeling of medical and pharmaceutical claims data in SAS & STATA, review of litigation discovery materials using legal databases, and assisting with the drafting of expert witness reports and testimony.  My analyses and research were regularly used in high profile cases against US Fortune 500 pharmaceutical corporations.  



Boston, MA

Massachusetts Health Policy Comission

  • Executed a pilot study that examined consumer choice on the Massachusetts State Health Exchange.  Analyzed public exchange data to show how plan premiums varied across network breadth and plan tiers.  Results published in the Massachusetts Health Policy Commission’s 2014 Cost Trends Report.




Health Economics (Masters), Microeconomic Theory (Undergraduate)

Role: Virtual Education Instructor

Viax Education Online


Health Care Finance (Masters)

Role: Graduate Student Instructor

University of Michigan School of Public Health

Teaching Interests:  Health Economics, Healthcare Finance, Applied Econometrics, Microeconomic Theory

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Programming SKILLS 







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I am an Economist

I completed the Ph.D. coursework in Industrial Organization, Labor Economics, Econometrics, and Microeconomics as a part of my graduate training.  I use structural economic models in my research.

I am a Big Data Scientist

I am familiar with the application of cutting edge Machine Learning methods. I am an expert in the analysis of medical claims data and electronic health records. 

I am a Health Policy Researcher

I use econometrics and counterfactual analyses to determine the effectiveness of health care policy and national programs in improving population health and reducing health care expenditures.

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